I can't forget I am a soul architect; I built the shadows here.

Watching the world wake up from history

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"I think the ship has kinda sailed, you know? The barn door's open, the cows are out, and the bag is really devoid of cats!"

- Harry Dresden, The Dresden Files


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"How should we introduce ourselves? Don't say psychic. They'll shut you off. Say something vague, like, Alternative Tactics Division."

"How about the Bureau of Magic and Spellcasting?"

- Psych

i'm in gryffindor!

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(Shocking. As if all of the paraphernalia hasn't given it away already.)

my pet!

In loving memory of Little. [1993 - 2005]

Supposedly, I'm a pedant -- but I've made up for myself. | Life isn't easy, but it is beautiful. The truth may suck sometimes, but it's worth it. | I don't mince words, but I also appreciate them. I know who I am. I also know who I'm not. | Creativity is a life-blood. I walk just far enough at the edge of life to see it from a perspective that few others can, but not to the extent that I'm flying blind. | The stars may impel, but they don't compel. | My heart belongs to a Solar Piscean / Lunar Geminian with Scorpio Rising. | I studied psychology in college. Sometimes, I still do. Learning is life-long. | Science rules. The truth is out there -- I think. | I am not a seer, nor a prognosticator or soothsayer. If anything, I am an unwitting.sibyl[at]gmail[dot]com. Your guess is as good as mine why things happen as frequently as they do. And yes, it can be a bit disconcerting. | If I were a mage, I'd be a Euthanatos. (And I miss the Tremere.) | Trust is precious. | Unfortunately, most people are either narrow-minded or negatively set in their ways. This doesn't give the excuse not to live comfortably with them, however, nor does it give the right to disrespect. | Life was, in part, made for music. I'm a vocalist. | Despite the sentimental gloriousness of it, the space programme should be sending near-AI robots in place of astronauts. | Portmanteaus rock. | All educators are underpaid. | Not all politicians (or retail sales personnel) lie -- completely. I know. I'm doing sales at the moment. | I am not above a waitressing job, but I'd prefer to be I'm proud to be a banker. I love working in market research. | I love quantum physics. | Some people simply don't believe in psychology. They should. | Whether or not he was intended to be, Remus J. Lupin is sexy. | More protagonists should be like Johnny Smith and Harry Dresden. | Girls can keep reptiles as pets and not be considered weird. They can also be sexy / geeky / librarian / gamer-girl types, too. | Do your homework. | Cussing isn't blasphemy; it's passion, damn it. | I am not Southern. (Well, I am.) | Everything in moderation -- but savour the extremes. | I was once framed for electronic espionage. | Individuality is essential, but we companion for a reason. No man, nor woman, is an island. | Mulder and Scully were both right. | I don't agree that Bush was re-elected, but I will support his efforts as President. I'd rather be hopeful about the next four years rather than rail against them blindly. | Though I don't want my friends fighting in Iraq, I support them, their decisions for going there, while acknowledging the truth behind the government's request for a 67 billion dollar national budget increase for the war effort. (Even though more people still perish in auto accidents in ratio to international war.) Henceforth, I will still accept my future role in the FBI, should my cards play right. | You can never consume too much Greek food -- especially if you're Greek. Opa. | I've been responsible for the apprehension of a headline-making hacker. Hah. | Fencing is not sissy. Sword-fighting is not a sport. | You cannot devote too much time to doing what you love; you can only live too little life outside of it. | Organising things by colour, shape, or flavour is not obsessive-compulsive. It's perfectionism and a liking for order. I am not OCD. | I'm a chaos theorist but open to discussion with those who believe in an ordered universe. | Horoscopes are bullshit; in-depth astrology is fascinating. | I've known an arsonist, a domestic (not foreign, mind you) terrorist, and two serial killers. All before the age of eighteen. | One need not be British to speak, write, or use proper spelling. | I'm published. Places. And an insufferable know-it-all. Huzzah. | I only keep the fortunes that contain my lucky numbers and say something relevant to the time. So far, I've collected three in my twenty-five years of life. | Be smart, but don't force it upon others. Don't dumb yourself down either. I've known both those who are superbrains and idiots -- and they've swapped ranks in levels of annoyance. | I, too, can be vastly annoying. | Thank you, consequence. | My personal theme song for 2006 will be Jesus Jones' "Right Here Right Now". How mid-nineties of me. And no quasi-biographical stream of consciousness could ever be enough. Especially those that are living documents, like this one. |

I tend to be a compendium of useless knowledge which, for some reason or another, eventually turns up useful.

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